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Actually Curious is a card game that helps you get past small talk and start talking about Real Shit so you can build meaningful connection with (literally) anyone! Think of it like Cards for Humanity!


The game is simple.

There are fours stacks of cards beginning blue (the easy ones) and ending with red (the intimate ones). Each round, one player asks a question from a card that they select and everyone else gives their most honest and vulnerable answer. 


Actually Curious Card Game is perfect  for:  

  • First (and 100th) Dates. Get to the heart, quickly.

  • Thoughtful Gifts. Beautifully designed and born to serve the purpose of spreading love, this gift makes the perfect stocking stuffer, office Secret Santa and just cause you are cool and care about stuff, kinda gift ;)

  • Dinner Parties. Move quickly past small talk and into the real talk.  

  • Family Gatherings. Shall we move right on past the family gossip and the ubiquitous "when are you getting married" question?  

  • Brainstorms. Take it from us, inspiration comes when you disconnect and take in stimuli. How about the stimulus of each other's experiences?

  • Group Vacations. You think you know your friends and family, until... you get them playing Actually Curious. Then you really know them.

  • Corporate Retreats. Imagine what kinds of office culture shifts could happen when your teams to really start see and understand one another!

  • Host Icebreaker. You know your guests, but they don't know one another. The most gracious hosts fix this quickly. Here is the best tool to help you do so!

Any time you want to get to know others better, build more meaningful connection,  or infuse more meaningful conversation into the situation... Actually Curious. 




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Actually Curious Card Game
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Actually Curious Card Game
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