How to play

This game isn’t about winning or losing. Actually Curious is about getting past small talk and building meaningful connection. 

Each round, one player picks a card from one of the stacks and asks the other(s) that question. Everyone gives their answer and the card gets awarded to the person who gave the “best” answer.

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One-on-one Take your time, work your way up from blue to green to yellow to red. After you've tried all, hop around!

Group of 3-7 One person reads the card, while the others answer. The person who reads, awards the card (and one point) to the person who gave the answer they like most. That person picks the next card!

Large Party or Event Host selects volunteers to select a card and ask a question, while they and one or two other volunteers answer.

Experienced Actually Curious players Shuffle and get lucky!

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Four levels of intimacy

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Questions like “What were the holidays like for you growing up?” helps to break the ice!

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Questions like “What are you willing to fight for?” let us see where each other is coming from.

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Questions like “How do you find fulfillment?” take us a step deeper to connect to one another. 

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Questions like “Can violence ever be justified?” push the party to deeper vulnerability and understanding.

We also send thoughtful emails

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