The Actually Curious Story

We are Curiosity Lab, a purpose-first marketing agency and think tank committed to helping organizations build community around their values, and to creating a more diverse and inclusive advertising landscape.


Curiosity Lab, a purpose-first marketing agency

To live our values, we alongside our team, produce thought-leadership and community action programs to drive learning and engagement around issues like Poverty, Education, Sustainability, Criminal Justice, Women's Right and Equality to name a few.

We were paying attention to the divisiveness in our country and wanted to do something about it! We looked inward, and made acknowledgment to unconscious biases and past traumas, that we sometimes show up with, that prevent us from truly having a conversation.

A mission to fight divisiveness in our country. Fuck hate!

We wanted to create a fun, creative way for people to get beyond small talk and to start getting real! Inspired by the NY Times viral article "the 36 Questions that lead to love", as well as conversations with researchers from Columbia's Difficult Conversations Lab and relationship experts, the Actually Curious card game encourages participants to ask and respond to progressively deeper questions that teach each player bit more about one another and how they view the world.  

Our first buyer on the first day of the campaign, was a visitor from London who saw a poster that read "Is sustainable consumption ableist?" positioned in the heart of hipster Williamsburg Brooklyn. Amused by the irony, she bought our cards the first day... and let us know we might be on to something! 

Since then, we made 100 more, which sold out on Amazon in 4 days!



The people let us know we were on to something!

We collected feedback from our friends, people who bought the game, and strangers. We tested the game in various scenarios... dinner parties, office ice-breakers, over drinks with friends. We heard feedback from event hosts, single people on dates and committed couples. We heard reactions like...

  • "Played a game Actually Curious at a party and heard you created it! Congrats! How can I get one?" -27 yr old single female NYC 

  • "Playing this game with my girlfriend was like therapy. First time was a little intense, the second time was deeply connecting. I think you might be on to something." - 42 yr old male player 

  • "I just got back from an amazing date with a guy who brought YOUR Game. He was awesome and I def want to hang with him again. How can I get your game?" -31 yr old single female NYC 

  • "I didn't think i'd like this game. But i have to admit, it's pretty awesome" - 34 yr old, Burly Older Brother who was concerned about opening up