Will you stand on the side of Love?#actuallycurious

We’re just two humans, who fell in love, followed our hearts, started living with purpose, quit our corporate jobs, launched a company, created and game and tbc…


Actually Curious - Build meaningful connection with (literally) anyone

We wanted to create something that would help fight against the divisiveness and hate in our country. Inspired by practices of mindfulness and intentionality, we thought, could spreading empathy and love help?


Jetsetter - 19 Cool Things We’re Buying on Amazon This December

Build meaningful connection with friends new and old this season with the help of Actually Curious, a card deck of questions designed to provoke conversation and spread love…


Manrepeller - 3 Couples Who Work Together Share What It’s Really Like

Meghan and Michael are the co-founders of Curiosity Lab, a purpose-driven marketing company that helps organizations build community around their brand and values.