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How to have an unforgettable conversation with Dad this Father's Day

This Father's Day, go purple. If your dad is anything like mine, then conversation games might not be his thing. If your dad enjoys intentional conversations, kudos—you have a head start.


As a new dad with millennial values, fostering meaningful connections with my daughter is incredibly important. It works both ways: a priceless gift any child can give their dad is a curated, meaningful connection moment.

We all have moments in time we wish we could recreate, some of which we've experienced with our parents or kids. This Father's Day, in addition to choosing the perfect setting or outing to create an unforgettable moment, bring along a unique conversation starter to stir things up and encourage unexpected stories.

Here’s how you can use Actually Curious to create unforgettable moments:

  • His favorite coffee shop: or whichever beverage he prefers. Point is, he’ll get to pick the place, you bring the connection. It’s not cheating to pre-select some questions to make sure you’ll get to talk about something that will get him to open up ;)
  • Somewhere special: take him to one of the spots you frequented when you were growing up, like a park, beach or even just a stroll down memory lane (literally). Walk and talk - it’s a classic for a reason.
  • Dads like sports: JK, not all dads like sports. But if yours do, take him to a local sporting event, so he’ll be in his element. Don’t forget your Actually Curious cards, they’ll fit right in your back pocket.
  • Make him dinner: We all love our parents’ home cooking, but why not surprise him with his favorite meal? Or even better, cook it together - and have more meaningful conversations at the dinner table.
  • On Zoom: Can’t make it in-person? Set an intentional time to connect virtually with dad. Come prepared with a few Actually Curious questions and take turns answering: we guarantee you’ll hear a story you’ve never heard before.


Shop the Culture Edition

We created the Culture Edition in 2020, just before that year's Presidential Elections. It was a tense time, and we wanted to develop a deck of questions that would serve as a timeless icebreaker, helping anyone get comfortable with intentional conversations.

The Culture Edition builds on a simple insight: people enjoy water cooler talk—topics like the food we love, the music we reminisce about, and the films that shaped our younger years.

Whether it's over a beer at the bar or on the way to and from the ball game, use this Father's Day to give your dad your attention, curiosity, and love by incorporating a few rounds of Actually Curious.