Actually Curious

A game that builds connections through meaningful questions

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A card game that brings people closer together.

Nothing builds bonds more than being seen and feeling heard. Actually Curious is the only party game that uses the science and psychology of emotional connection.

The game is simple. The blue cards are the easiest to ask a room of strangers. You work your way up to the intimate red cards!

How to play


Actually Curious is perfect for


Thoughtful Gifts

Beautifully designed and born to spread love, Actually Curious is the perfect stocking stuffer, office secret santa or anytime just cause gift!


Holiday Dinner Parties

Bring the gift of meaningful connection to your next holiday dinner as thoughtful questions help unlock stories that have been waiting years to be told.


First (and 100th) Dates

Move past small talk and into the real talk, real fast, as Actually Curious helps you see one another in new and vibrant lights.


Group Ice Breakers

Those who can quickly close gaps of connection among people, make magnetic hosts and conveners. Actually Curious is a fast and unique way to help form bonds.

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A Curiosity Lab production

At Curiosity Lab, we build products that change narratives. Actually Curious was originally created by a group of idealistic marketers who wanted to use consumerism and entertainment to change the way people think and behave.

With Actually Curious and you, we can change the narrative around divisiveness that’s taking hold in our world!

More about us

Are you actually curious?

Everyone’s a question writer these days! Show us your stuff and have your questions considered for the next edition of Actually Curious.
Coming soon!

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