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Actually Curious about Juneteenth? We got you.

Juneteenth, celebrated on June 19th, marks the day in 1865 when the last enslaved African Americans in Galveston, Texas, learned of their freedom—two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. This day is a celebration of freedom, resilience, and the ongoing journey toward equity and justice.

It’s only the 4th year as a national holiday, so we wanted to share a few actionable ways to honor this important day.

As we approach Juneteenth 2024, let’s explore meaningful ways to honor this important day. At Actually Curious, we’re all about sparking conversations that bring us closer and promote understanding. Here are five ways you can support and celebrate Juneteenth this year.

1. Educate Yourself and Others
Understanding Juneteenth’s history is a great place to start.
  • Read and Watch: Check out books like "Juneteenth: A Novel" by Ralph Ellison and documentaries such as Ava DuVernay's "13th" and "Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom."
  • Join Discussions: Attend webinars and talks to hear from historians and activists about the significance of Juneteenth.
2. Support Black-Owned Businesses
Economic empowerment is key to advancing equality.
  • Shop and Share: Buy from Black-owned businesses locally and online - use the 15% Pledge directory for inspiration! Promote your favorites on social media to help them grow.
3. Join Local Events and Celebrations
Engage with your community’s Juneteenth activities.
  • Celebrate Together: Attend local parades, festivals, and gatherings. Enjoy music, food, art, and speeches that highlight Black culture and history.
  • Volunteer: Help organize or assist at local events to make them even better and more inclusive.
4. Donate to Important Causes
Your contributions can drive change.
  • Support Organizations: Donate to nonprofits like the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, or the Equal Justice Initiative.
  • Fund Education: Contribute to scholarships and education funds that support Black students.
5. Advocate for Change
Use your voice to promote justice.
  • Support Legislation: Stay informed about and advocate for policies that promote racial equality.
  • Get Involved Locally: Join or support community groups working towards social justice and attend local meetings to stay engaged.
Juneteenth is a day to reflect, celebrate, and act. By educating ourselves, supporting Black businesses, joining community events, donating, and advocating for change, we can honor this day and work towards a more inclusive and equitable society. At Actually Curious, we believe in the power of conversation to bridge divides and inspire change.

To support your journey of learning and advocacy, we invite you to download our free social justice question, and purchase the Human Rights Edition to empower you with an actionable tool to facilitate difficult - but necessary - conversations.

Together, we can engage in meaningful dialogues that inspire change and spread empathy.