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Self-Reflection Journaling

Happy New Year y’all. If you’re like us, we’re guessing you are squeezing as much intentional time as you can, to reflect on the year that passed and to get grounded and settled for the year ahead.

We’re here to help. Actually Curious is great for many things, but a superpower use case is for self-reflection journaling. We recommend the Happy Hour Edition for that. 

Here is a quick 3 step guide for creating alignment for the beginning of the year.


Step 1: Choose a time that is easy to make fun and repeatable.

If you want to get aligned for the year, make intentional choices about how and where you start. Pick a time like first thing in the morning, or right before bed that is controllable and repeatable for your newly minted journaling routine.

Step 2:  Create a sacred space to slow down and reflect without distractions or interruption.

My Tauruses out there won’t have to work hard at this. Remember that your journaling ritual is a gift. It’s pampering yourself. It’s self-care, not work. Splurge a little on creating a sacred space. A yoga mat or a sitting cushion is a nice touch. Candles, and perhaps some palo santo to help make the vibe right. Put it all in a quiet place where no one is going to pop in unexpectedly.

Step 3: Pull a card each time and journal on the feelings that come up

Okay, so your natural instinct is going to be to go into your head and ego to answer when you pull a question from the Happy Hour Edition. Try holding off on that, and instead reflect on how the question makes you feel first. Does it bring up feelings of joy, like a smile or laughter? Does it surprise you with something else? Like sadness or a scary memory? Empathy is about noticing and staying with emotions. Easy or hard.

Bonus: To learn more about using Actually Curious to explore connecting to your emotions or your somatic experience to unlock messages from your subconscious and inner voice, sign up for our workshop Unlocking The Power of Empathy.