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Amplify your empathy, well-being, and purpose with the Empathy Retreat.

Empathy expert and wellness thought-leader Michael Tennant, alongside Miraval Resorts and Actually Curious invites you to make empathy a part of your wellbeing and mindfulness ritual with a five week, self-guided virtual retreat where you will receive a weekly affirmation email with an empathy and wellbeing guide to practice during the week.

What You’ll Receive

We'll send you an email with an affirmation, and a wellness guide for the week ahead - every Sunday, for five weeks. Get ready to jumpstart your empathy journey!

The Wellness Check-In Series

Our mission is to provide a guide anyone can follow, to create a safe space for open-hearted discussion about the things that inspire us, motivates us, and that we are grateful for. It is our ambition to give you the tools and inspiration to spark deep conversations at the dinner table, in the workplace, or when you need to show up as an empathetic listener for loved ones, colleagues, or someone who simply needs to be heard.

About Michael Tennant

Michael Tennant is an empathy expert, and the founder of Curiosity Lab, a 100% Black-owned multi-platform storytelling studio that uses products, experiences, and content to advocate for inclusivity, mental health, and empathy.

His experience of grief and healing inspired a movement to spread empathy with Actually Curious, a conversation game that is sold at all Miraval Resorts, as well as stores and museums across the world. Michael’s journey and work have been featured by the New York Times, NBC’s Today show, Well+Good, and many more.