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5 Self-Care Tips for Thanksgiving Week

Holiday season is officially here, and we've got just the thing you need: a few self-care tips to make the best out of this (sometimes stressful) holiday week - the Curious way :)

1. Early bird 🌞

Starting the day with intention can make all the difference. Especially when you have a bit more of your time to yourself. Whether it’s a morning meditation, a long walk, a yoga class at your favorite spot, or some good stretches at home. Take care of you and prioritize morning self-care this week.

2. Flex your gratitude muscles 💪🏾

If you know us, you know this: we love a good gratitude list. Name three things you’re grateful for, everyday, and you’ll literally become a happier person. That’s just science. 

3. Small talk, elevated ❣️

Let’s be real, we all have a couple family members we don’t have anything in common with - and most of us could use some support in connecting with them. Playing a conversation card game like Actually Curious is an approachable and fun way to connect with literally anyone.  

4. Introverts, stay prepared! 🏡

Frankly, you don’t have to be an introvert to get a little exhausted during holiday season: it’s a lot of socializing. If you’re spending time with your family this week, set + communicate your boundaries around family/social time, and schedule some time just for you. 

5. Plan a free trip to a luxury resort 👀

This week is your last chance to sign up for our self-guided empathy retreat + automatically be entered to win a $6000 stay at Miraval Resorts & Spas.